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Team edrm announces their first EDRM Karting League!!
But before we will be able to organise this league, we need some maps with the following restrictions: 

- We would like to have multilap tracks of around 25/30 seconds.
- the tracks should be vallidated at 4 laps.
- The usage of blockmix should be reduced as much as possible.
- There shouldn't be (too much) elevation changes.
- It should have an outlook of real watching stands etc.
- It should be a balanced amount of drift and no-drift turns.
- It shouldn't be replica of a real track.
- It should have a name of a real city (try to be creative)
- Take a small look to the example track and first track of the league made by me which is driven in San Diego.
- You can also make some more environments like buildings to make it look like a real city but watch out that you dont use too many blocks because this might cause lag.

We hope to get as many tracks possible.
Deadline to submit maps is thursday 7 january


The competition rules are quite simple;

This competition has 10 GP with 1 map every week. The map submission deadline is thursday 8th of January. And we will have the first race on the 17th of January.
From these 10 GP's, only your best 8 results will count. This means that it's not too big of an issue if you've missed one or two races.
Depending on how many players will sign up, we will use divisions with 12 drivers in each division. 
The fist map of the series is to deceide in what division you will end up in.
One week before GP1, 10th of January, we will release all maps for you to train. We will also put the map that will be raced on on our server, where you can practice them for a whole week.
The races will be around 12 minutes, with about 20-25 laps. 

To sign up, you can send us an email to with:

Application EKL: {username} 

In-game name
1-10 Rate of yourself of how good your karting skills are

To send in the maps, you can also email us to with the maps as an attatchment of the files themselves.


Good luck and have fun! 


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#1 by Edster on 2015-02-27 at 01:08
Incase anyone was wondering EDRM Karting has been cancelled because we did not receive enough maps or participants to make it a worthwhile competition. That's not to say though that we won't be willing try again with a new competition when our schedule permits it.

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