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Get ready for a great event with all new maps by great authors!

In recognition to what some of the greatest authors have provided racers for a long time, ARK will be hosting an event that focuses on paying tribute to authors of a unique style, new genre or genre promotion, or simply prolific builders that develop timeless maps. There of course will be author awards in planet prizes; however, planets are meaningless compared to the enjoyment by the authors fans! While you race, remember to award the maps using the TM-Karma widget and to also visit the TMX site to award the authors. For the players, there will also be planet prizes [u]per map[/u]. Essentially each map is a competition in and of itself.

Good Luck all, and have fun!


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#1 by killaprodtm on 2014-11-10 at 19:39
Cool idea!
#2 by draine00 on 2014-11-11 at 21:49
Thanks Killa, its a well deserved event for some of the best mappers in canyon :).

* I have made a few typos, of course I can't change the original post now, but it regards the spelling of a couple author names.

If anyone wishes to view the updated promo flyer, it is located here.

I am eager for the event to start, its going to be great.

#3 by draine00 on 2014-11-13 at 23:27
Again, If edits were in my hands then the users of ManiaActu would be able to view the promo flyer. No worries, the link above show that for you, or you can find it posted on various websites.

To help streamline the awarding process and to have quick and easy access to all mappers, a forum has been created on the TMX website. For now, it quickly links viewers to all mappers profiles. When the event starts, it will promote each map with the screen shot and a link to maps page for awards and comments. Visit the forum HERE.

#4 by draine00 on 2014-12-07 at 07:34
AuthorMania has started! Check out the info for the event and don't forget to vote on the maps using the TM-Karma on the server. Awarding your favorites on TMX would be awesome too :)
#5 by draine00 on 2014-12-21 at 23:23
AuthorMania - Results - are posted! Thanks to all who participated! :D

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