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The SGC1 final was driven last weekend. Some players had to forfeit it due to other stuff to do, but we still had many playser taking parts in playoffs driven during Saturday and Sunday. After many playoff matches played with winner and loserbrackets.

In the winner bracket final we had nlspamfrKronosnoBergie and czFlyer. The two first mentioned made it into grand final, and Bergie with Flyer went into loser bracket final with deMassa and beScrapie. Scrapie and Bergie managed to take two first places after extreme tight race, and continued to the grand final as well.

In the final, frKronos was clearly the fastest and won the championship, following sefrostBeule, frArtiShöw and nlTamarillo who have won the title before. However, the battle for second place was tight till the very last round. After all it was nlspam who took second, while noBergie got third and beScrapie fourth.

Congratz to winner and finalists! Here are some VODs:

frostBeule commentary

spam POV and commentary

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