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Dear players already selected and qualified soon, It's time to publish the maps. A big thank you to all the mappers and two other testers, this is the first time we have received a ton of maps. Five maps were selected and it was not easy to pick them. The mappack will be used during the ESWC.Fr and for the ESWC.World finals.

The Five Maps:

ESWC 2014 - Aperiko by frOmnipotZ & frRoa

ESWC 2014 - Bootshaus by deshortz

ESWC 2014 - Kaksseiskatseta by fiwormi (TMX Download)

ESWC 2014 - Utopia by caWally

ESWC 2014 - Blockage by noznik (TMX Download)


Mania-Actu and Drakonia wish you good train! Movies of maps presentation will be made ​​just before the ESWC with the best replays from the qualified players!

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#1 by wormi on 2014-09-22 at 15:14
ESWC 2014 - Kaksseiskatseta
Have fun nolifing guys! :)
#2 by znik on 2014-09-22 at 19:40
ESWC 2014 - Blockage
Have fun training guys! ;)

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