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Giant Cup, which basically is the unofficial online world championship of Trackmania, is back! For the first time ever, the stadium version of this league is organized in TM2 Stadium, and therefore it's called as Stadium Giant Cup 1. The tournament wasn't organized last year, but now it's back again. Who will be the next champion, and write their names in the same list with frostBeule, ArtiShöw and Tamarillo?

The first TA qualifications were driven Sunday 31.8, and the top 16 confirmed their spot in playoffs. This year the placements were combined and the drivers with best average place got the spots. We saw some surprises, as for example former world champion spam didn't make it in top 16.


16 players that made it to the Playoffs stage after Qualification #1:
1. Kronos (avg 2)
2.Tamarillo (avg 4)
3. OmnipotZ (avg 6)
4. Flyer (avg 6.33~)
5. Scrapie (avg 7.66~)
6. Horeni (avg 8 )
7. Bergie (avg 9)
8. oNio (avg 9.33~)
9. Koenz (avg 9.66~)
10. Leo (avg 10)
11. Renew (avg 11.33~)
12. Oli (avg 12)
13. Banane (avg 12.33~)
14. Shorty (avg 12.33~)
15. Papou (avg 14.33~)
16. Scary (avg 15)


Some VODs:




Next round is played again the following Sunday!

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