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Hey folks !To celebrate the new solo campaign of the Title Pack, we organize 2 events !

First one will be Friday, august 22, at 8.30pm on wtc trial server. (wtc titlepack needed)
It will be a Time Attack cup !

We're gonna play 10 maps out of the 15 new A solo maps.
You'll have 15 minutes to do the best time on each (maps are shorter than a minute for most of them)

Everyone can play and have fun, the maps are really easy ;)
A ranking will be done and everyone will win planets !

1st - Gold Tag + 3000 Planets
2nd - Silver Tag + 2500 Planets
3rd - Bronze Tag + 1500 Planets
4th+ - Planets (better position = more planets)

As always, no pressure, no rage, no elimination, it's a fun event !

Second one will be a solo mode event.

We will update the titlepack saturday night, with the full solo campaign : 65 maps !
Then, you'll have only one week to finish it ! Good luck, it's not an easy task ! :D
The first three players to send a replay of the E05 map at worldtrialclub*at*gmail.com of the last map will share 10 000 planets and tags !

The maps will be put on online servers a week after that !

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