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Up 09/08/11 :

This Alternate aTTax 24h Race V was played last week-end ! At the end of these 24 hours, the final ranking is :
  • fr.png Artishow, se.png Frostbeule, pl.png nugget, fr.png Roa
  • de.png Blizz, de.png mc.joey, de.png Mini, de.png VoGter
  • de.png Bubble, de.png Darkbringer, de.png Greif, de.png Robin

pl.png nugget (Team Acer) :
"Playing in such challenge was a great experience. Organisation of this cup was really awesome, except of small problems at the beggining with servers. Afterall I'm really happy that me and my team managed to win this and hopefully we can see more competitions like that :)"

 One of the most anticipated summer events shows up! On august 6th, ALTERNATE aTTaX will host the fifth edition of the 24h Race and offer a total amount of prizes over 1700€. Get 3 friends to race with on a 4 minutes track for a full day of fun and competition!



  • Format : Team (4 players)
  • Game Mode : Laps
  • Map : A ~3-4 minutes track which will be released at the start of the race
Each player has to drive at least 4 hours. In one hour only one player of a team can drive. Consequently, there is a maximum of 12 hours that a single player can drive in total. The team which passed the most checkpoints after 24 hours wins the race.

"On august 6th, ALTERNATE aTTaX will host the fifth edition of the 24h Race"



In order to learn more about the 24H Race's history in TMNF, and the upcoming edition, we interviewed de.png HaNno from the ALTERNATE aTTaX staff.

TM-Actu : Hello HaNno, can you present yourself to our readers?
HaNno : Well, I am Hanno Büse known as 'HaNno' in Trackmania and I am one of the head organizers of the Trackmania 24h Race.

When and how did you had the idea to launch the 24H race?
It was in 2009, when I had the idea for a Trackmania 24h Race. At that time the clan (aX-eSport), my mates (Moony, One, Foxx, Helion) and me were playing for the 10 years of the team and we wanted to do something new in Trackmania. So we announced the first 24h Race for February 2009. Unfortunately aX-eSport did not become much older than 10 years, so the first event did not take place, because aX-eSport did not exist for longer. Later on we joined Competo and tried it again a few months later in July - with success.

We noticed that with each new edition, the list of registered players has kept increasing. What are your expectations for the fifth race?
Actually I am not sure, if we can increase again the number of teams in the fifth edition of the 24h Race. That does not mean that I think the event is limited for now. But over the years we noticed that the summer-edition is much harder to promote than the winter's one. Additionally, Moony, One, Foxx, Helion and me left Competo and joined together with Predator (from n!faculty) Team ALTERNATE. The pressure from aTTaX is much higher than the one we were used to work under during our time at Competo. So this time we basically focus on being even more professional than before, that's why we limited the list of teams to 75 for now. But Alternate gives us more support for the event than we have ever dreamed of. Facing the event in winter 2011/12 I am sure that we will increase the list of teams again with even more success.

We wish you good luck for the running of this edition, I let you the last word if you have something to add.
Thanks, we are all very excited this time, because we will have a 24 hours live broadcast by Predator, Foxx, One and Abgematzt directly from the aTTaX Lanhouse with all admins :) And I am sure it will be a great event for all players and spectators.
So thanks to everybody who supports the 24h Race and gl & hf all! :P

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