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The 4th Edition of the DIRT 24H organized by europeanunion Infinity's staff took place this week-end. Who were the kings of endurance ?

A new Edition for a new Record

36 teams for 160 players were registered on this 4th edition, the staff is really proud of this new record. As always the race was long and closed. After a little bad start, the fr Dream-Team (squad made for the event), who are the winners of the last edition caught up and took the lead until the end. Behind it was really close between europeanunion ATR and especially with fr Black-Stars (squad made for the event) and europeanunion TeaM-Fox. At the end, after 24H, only 5 poor CP's separates these two team!

In the middle of the rank, we also seen some good fights, for example Bone (15.921) and Azure (15.918), JdG (16.100) and Fruitiers (16.093) or MAD.funky (15.222) and Choco-Penguins (15.233).

For the solo ranking, this edition was again marked by the incredible performance of some crazy men. Unfortunately one these guys, se DuffarN was really well ranked but his connection dropped and we never saw him after! The winner of this rank, who played the Dirt 24H for the first time, is fr EdzNux. The second is fr Kouki and the third, fr ZeWhite for the 3rd edition in a raw!

General Ranking

  1. gold Dream Team : fr Bepino - fr Nico - fr Devil - fr Néo - fr Alban -  (16.342 cps - 527 laps)
  2. silver Black-Stars : fr Boss.Wanted - fr Angel - fr Guileboom - fr Jerem (16.319 cps - 526 laps)
  3. bronze TeaM-Fox : nl Fool - fr Dulf - br Rx! 47 - fr Alonso - pt Nast - fr Papou (16.314 cps - 526 laps)

Whole Ranking HERE

Solo Ranking

  1. gold RCM : fr EdzNux - (15.041 cps - 485 laps)
  2. silver Choco-Penguins : fr Kouki - (10.135 cps - 327 laps)
  3. bronze Speed : fr ZeWhite - (10.067 - 325 laps)

Whole Ranking HERE


See you in October 2014 for the 5th edition of the Dirt 24 Hours !

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