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The Giant Cup 9 on TMUF will start soon ! Tonight on the GC9's website is open and the mappack is released. You could register to the first tournament too.

The Giant what ?

The GiantCup is, for those who don't know this competition yet, the most important competition online in solo. One group of players is playing on a server and play 7 environnements in case to score many points as possible to be qualify on Playoffs.
Warning to try to be qualify, you could only play 4 tournaments on 9 who will be played. You need to chose the good environements.
In order to allow everyone to play, the Tournaments 1-3 will be played on Wednesdays, the Tournaments 4-6 will be played on Tuesdays, and the Tournaments 7-9 will be played on Mondays.
Only the first 64 players on overall ranking will be allowed to play the playoffs.

Maps ?

There is two download links for the maps.
  • 63 maps version : With a complete schedule for the 9 tournaments (with each map being 3 times in the pack) (7 maps x 9 tournaments: 63 maps in all)
  • 21 maps version : Second only has the 21 maps featured in it, per environments.

Register ?

When you register on the website, you're not register for the competition and all tournaments, you need to register tournament per tournament. In fact, you need to come and register for the tournament you wanna play. If you can't play to a tournament you subscribe before, you need to say it on ET Forum. If you don't say it, this tournament will be count as played even if you're not here and you won't win points.

Link of the GC9

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