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Hello TrackManiacs !

The SpeedFunCup hosted by Linkin & WWS has come to an end this week-end as the Grand Final was played between europeanunionTeam Legends and deLinkin2.

The Final

SFC - SixPence by deDeDe (WR: 57.86 by depatte93 and deMitter):

Line-Ups for this map were depatte93, deCosta, deMitter, frSome0ne for Legends and deBonfire, deCineon, deBen, deLee for Linkin2.

Good start for Legends as they manage to win the 3 first rounds. Unfortunately for Linkin2, deLee is experiencing hard lags and has to leave the server, his teammate deSpy drive for him. Some mistakes are made from both sides but overall Legends is showing a better performance and win this first map.

Score: Legends 7:3 Linkin2

SFC - California by deBlinG (WR: 52.30 by depatte93):

No change in Team Legends' line-up, but deSpy is driving instead of deLee for Linkin2.

On this map it's Linkin2 that takes a good start, leading with 1:3 after 5 rounds. But then Legends steps up their game and take the lead 6:4. They now have the chance to end this second map and win the tournament, but this is not how Linkin2 pictures it. They will now drive very fast and consistent, following an insane deBonfire that will even equal his second dedi (52.32) and drive 3 times under 52.40, cancelling 3 match-rounds for Legends (two wins, one draw).
With 6:6, it's time to enter the Tennis mode and Legends takes this round quite easily after 2 mistakes from Linkin2 drivers.
But once again, Linkin2 are not ready to lose and will drive 3 good rounds in a row, thus winning the second map !

Score: Legends 7:9 Linkin2 

SFC - Bounce by deddbb (WR: 1:01.71 by depatte93):

Still no change in Team Legends' line-up but for Linkin2, deLee makes his comeback instead of deSpy.

Ready to rock for this decider map !

With a top4 dedi by Team Legends on this map, it was clearly the map they were the most confident on. Despite deLee driving his pb in the warm-ups, Legends were really constant on this map and quickly took a big lead, 4:0. But Linkin2 won't let go and will have a chance when a Legend driver makes an early mistake. The round will be decided between deBen and frSome0ne, as the German player will take a slightly faster line and will overtake the French driver in the last part of the track for 0.02, giving the point to his team 4:1.
But then Legends won't make any big mistakes and will win the last three rounds, even closing the match by an ace !

Score: Legends 7:1 Linkin2


VoD by StubbyTV:


  europeanunionTeam Legends gold  
deLinkin2 silver    
    europeanunionWWS1 bronze
deddbb (captain) depatte93 (captain) nlSjekkie (captain)
deLee deCosta deStriker
deBonfire deMitter deDeDe
deCineon frSome0ne deHami
deBen frKatic frJux
deSpy frZack noQuander
deDeekay dekommakla noBlaZteD
deDajex   ptRodri
maTittyslayr   deSymphony


See you for the next edition !

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