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Up 06/07/2011 :

DBC 10 will start saturday 9th (0:00) and will end on Sunday 24th of july 2011 (18:00).

As described in the news we'll start with 2x7 maps, it is a test to make the challenge lighter.
We'll add a 1x7 map pack on the second week if we feel it is needed.

As usual everybody is welcome, join us to the last dbc of TMU.

I'm looking for somebody able to produce a small video .bik to join to a manianews (=> r2d2tm@gmail.com) Thx in advance.

The pack map is ready (and good), so thx to poeple who sent maps !

hey folks! A new Des Bois Cup is about to start...And our favorite Admin R2D2 needs maps for this event. So be ready, go on the track editor right now and let your sadism and mapping skills express itself. We dont have any date for the launch of this crazy Time Atack tournament, but it will surrely start as soon as R2D2 gets the maps he needs.

So, what's DBC

DBC is a great Time Attack competition that gather more than 1000 players every season that fight for the geatest time on each maps. So this game is administrated by the DesBois team, that launch 3 or 4 servers with special scripts, that allow players to run on all tracks of the competition and validate their times on each one. DBC is about to celebrate it's 10th season with some new changes. Indeed, there will only be 14 tracks instead of 21 ( 2 by environments ) . And of course there will not be finals or Nations finals cups.

So, what's up now? R2D2 needs maps to launch this DBC 10 so let's work on it, and purpose your best creations to increase this TA crazy cup level!

Maps needed!

  • Length : 0.55-1.05 min
  • Mood : Day
  • Tag : Up to you
  • Difficulty : Time Attack!
  • How to send it : r2d2tm@gmail.com

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