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Here is the
latest production of SiH,
a talented young Norwegian ! We Are Undead is a concentrate of ultra stylish crash with a very rhythmic band sounds !

So watch this !!!


tmActu : Hi Sih, can you introduce yourself ?

SiH :
Hello Tm Actu! My name is Sindre 'SiH' Haugland, 16 years old and live in South-West Norway on the countryside.
I have just finished my final exams at secondary school and will spesificate on media at "college" for the autumn.

You are a famous moviemaker in tm comunity, you did a lot of video on tm tube,  how do you manage to be as motivated ?

I like to make videos and the feeling i get when people like my result. I am young, so i have a lot of sparetime which i mostly spend on editing, beside being with friends.

Most of my video ideas comes from music and studying real movies for their styles.

So, your last video is really awesome, in a crashstyle spirit like streetstyle3, Why did you choose this theme ?

Actually, the style was very random, because as i mentioned before, the music was the inspitation. I was biking while listening to "Hollywood Undead - Undead" and after the first playthrough I said to myself: I want to make a streetstylevideo with this song.

Streetstyle 3 has always been my favorite tm video, so i tried to make it as "powerful and dark" with massive soundtrack. The idea of the storyline was just to fill in the empty spaces in the video ^^

Have you had difficulty in making this video ?

Not really, but it took a while to gather all the replays i needed. I also got way too many stadium replays so I had to wait a while in order to finish.

Do you have other project soon?

For the moment no. My summer is occupied, but right after the summer I will continue on my 2nd video with Roa and also a Trackmania Hot Pursuit 2 with Tm2 Canyon :)
Maybe WTFS3, who knows ^^

Thank you for responding to questions, I leave the last word.

Thanks to nadeo for inventing the mediatracker and shoot tool, sprint is awesome and gogo Maniaplanet!

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