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The ESL has recently launched its new gaming platform: VERSUS., however, still in beta.
This system permits you to play a match in a few clicks, and find teammates and opponents in no time.

How to sign up?

In order to sign up, just click on the "question mark button" up in your userbar. There you can sign up yourself for the VERSUS. Open Beta in TMNF.

"Click on the "question mark button" to sign up"


  • Format : 2on2
  • Game Mode : Team Rounds
  • Max. Players : 4
  • Max. Points : 5
  • Style : bo1

The mappack contains 3 Nadeo tracks: B12-Race, C01-Race and C11-Race. The map to be played during the match is decided by a vote between players.


To get more informations, TM-Actu met Chris92, the ESL Head Admin of the TMNF section.

TM-Actu : Hello Chris92, present yourself to our readers
Chris92 : Hello, I'm Christopher "Chris92" Flügel, and I'm the ESL Head Admin of the european TMNF section.

 Recently, we saw that TMNF got introduced to the ESL VERSUS. system. Please explain us what is this system about.
VERSUS. is the brand new gaming platform from ESL. With just two clicks you can find new friends and opponents to compete with and play against. A new individual ranking will keep track of your wins and losses.

 What are your plans about this platform for the future?
Our plans, well, we just got into that new match making platform, and of course our plan is to make TMNF more attractive for newcomers in the ESL. The current map pool was just for the start in the Beta, later on we will change the mappool, but we can't say yet which maps will be included then.

 Are you planning to introduce a 1on1 format, or a feature such as adding a friend in your team?
About the party system: VERSUS. is currently still in open beta, and is therefore still in development. There are still some features to be implemented, like a party system to invite your buddies in a team. Regarding the 1v1 Mode: This would be really interesting to have this too, but in the beginning every game only gets one mode. I don't know if there will be a 1on1 mode in the near future.

 I let you the last word to conclude.
I'm really excited that we got so much positive feedback since the start of VERSUS. in TMNF. But keep in mind, we always need as many feedback as possible to provide you the best experience :) Have fun driving!

If you like competing, but if you have difficulties in finding opponents, sign up and let VERSUS. find them for you!

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