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The Black Angel Team , a team of Italian Maniaplanet STADIUM , welcome you to the Eighth BaChampionship GP 2014 - A tournament inspired by Formula 1.
Since last week , our server of BaChampionship F1 GP ( EUROPE  /  ITALY ) hosts the first five tracks F1 Championship . Every race of the championship will take place the week after the real F1 GP , and it's published on the site www.blackangelteam.net Calendar. On March 23 will begin the tournament most awaited by fans of this genre with the first race.
It will be a long journey that will end in mid-November , when will the corresponding official Formula 1 Championship . This year the rules have been reviewed and modified to the needs of the majority of players , it has become , from this edition , a more specialized tournament where you must qualify to enter the race.
Races last approximately 45 minutes and contemplates pit stops to refill fuel. It will be painful , but for fans it will be one more reason to measure their stamina and skill.
So , with all my heart I wish you all a great championship , while thanking you for your participation , without which , this competition could not take place.
Thank you again

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#1 by McRobert on 2014-02-20 at 09:27
Errata Corrige
Fix the date of departure of the Championship, it starts March 24 at 21:30
Sorry for the error

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