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The Lille Arena is the biggest lan in France and is open from Friday 1 July to Sunday, July 3.

They have available two tournaments TM, TMN Tournament with 48 slots and TMU tournament with 48 slots.

The competition is open to all, from 7 to 77 years old, man, woman, dog and cat if they know how to use a joystick or keyboard ...

Registration costs € 25 until Thursday, June 23 and after will increase to € 30. It is possible to sleep in the room and take showers.


A salon of 3000 m² will be open throughout the weekend and allow to win prizes throughout the day Friday for players.

There is also € 20 000 in grants across the lan. More information about the distribution of lots soon.

Others games will be held to win prizes like a fight 20 VCS on StarCraft II, make the largest pile of empty cans of the weekend ...

TrackMania² Canyon

There will also be first beta TM² key to winning. Only players of TMN and TMU tournament can participate. There is one key every 8 players. The more players, more there will be key to winning. To win, it will be a game outside the main event where everyone a chance to win.


The TMU packmap is available here. A server is available in France/Bretagne/Côtes d'Armor and is called "BCZ Lille Arena".

The TMN packmap is the Masters packmap and is available here.

Masters Finals

This is also an opportunity to watch the finals of the Masters that can also qualify for the ESWC.


A topic on the forum of Masters is available for those using the carpooling:

We are two weeks of the event and it is unfortunate that we don't have many registrer. We must show the level of the TrackMania community and to support TrackMania eSports.

More information on the dedicated website of the Arena Lille:


For any questions, I am here to answer you as quickly as possible.

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