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Benjisite, director of the " generation digital " DVD, has just revealed the first episode of a new project on his youtube channel. This is called Mania News and it's a 4 minutes video about news on Trackmania world.

The great strengh of this project is the translating into 3 languages of this webtv news. We hope that this episode will be the first step of a huge project that will bring to all the Trackmaniacs some great news and exclusive content.

French :

English :

Spanish :


TM-Actu : Can you tell us, what will be the frequency of your Mania News

Benjisite : Internet tachnology gives us the opportinity to be really reactiv on news broadcasting. The Oldest Trackmaniacs can remember about TM-Radio, wich was a weeckly programm, on match comments or on the 1 hour infos show ( TM Zone ). But about videos, the main goal is not to fulfill and enfore a frequency. Indeed, to keep viewers and fans, we have to keep a good frequency, but there is nothing plane at the moment. I will did it when i'll feel the envy and need. The format of this brodcast is not frozen. Even if a short Mania News with some summary news will be preserved, there may be some longer shows, depending on news and exclusive content about Maniaplanet news.
Anyway, all this will depend on how many viewers will see it on my youtube channel. But this is first of all a passion.

I would like to know when did you start thinking on this project, and what was your motivations for doing this?

This project is in my mind since 1 year now ( maybe more ) . I wanted something more participatory than what has been done. But make these videos is a huge work and it is very hard to motivate people, and keep them during the preparation and settings of this creation process. I would like to thanks Walien for the making of this generic and i hope i will be able to collaborate with many people from different countries, in the near future.
The main goal of Mania News is not only to product a show, but to relay all informations from different places on a single place, and get the access to great news and quality content easyer to players.

With the release of the first Maniaplanet new environment, great news will always appear day by day, by the community and by Nadeo themselves. And the fact that Nadeo will appear on FPS and RPG will just increase this phenomenon and of course increase the number of players that will get interest on Maniaplanet news. So we need a media that will unify all these news, and give opportunity to follow all the news about these games. But this don't need to be daily news or even weekly ( just make some news that summarize 2 weeks/1 month news ). But the goal of this channel will also be to give news for the Harcore Gamers like i did in the past.
On the other hand, i don't want to be a concurent to all the media that are still here, this will be a complement to all the news that are released now. There is room for everyone here, as Maniaplanet will be huge!
Indeed, to increase this concept, people have to be here, so i invite you to subscribe to the youtube channel and my facebook. And that's why i translated my show in different languages like english or spanish, to get a real international Maniaplanet webtv show!

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