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The World Trial Club is proud to present the Trialmaster 2014 ! (Trackmania² Canyon)

This difficult but accessible to all Trial competition will grant you hours of pain and fun
Whether you are a beginner or experienced in trial, everyone can enjoy it, and you will always find an opponent with whom you fight .
The maps are difficult, but with perseverance, everyone can finish them. (There is always a gps to show the path and a way to overcome the obstacles)
Even if there are rankings and awards, this competition is an event created to have fun and spend good time with people


Each map will be played during two weeks in Time Attack mode

To be fair with everyone, the cuts not intended by the mappers are forbidden [/b], you must take the CPs in the right order. Small optimizations based on skill are accepted.

You can of course help people in trouble

All replays will be automatically saved by the server to prevent cheating.

The first map will be played from Friday, January 31 (9.00 p.m.) to Friday, January 14 (11:59 p.m.)
The 2nd map will be played Saturday, January 15 to Friday, February 28 (11:59 p.m.)
The 3rd map will be played on Saturday 1st March Friday, March 14th (11:59 p.m.)

And so on until June 30.



The competition will run only on the WTC Trialmaster server, only online recs will count in the ranking.
To join this server you need WTC Title Pack (manialink: wtc-ml ). (Maps are using custom blocks)


Each player finishing at least one map will be in the ranking and will earn planets.
There will 150,000 planets to share.
Players who will finish 10 maps will receive a tag specially designed for the event. (Bronze)
The top 3 players will also receive special tags. (Gold, silver and bronze)


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