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And the first Trackmania² Canyon is over, and sk.png Hakki Junior  takes the first place ! no.png Bergie was the first finalist, sk.png Hakki Junior second and Kewin third.


  • 1 sk.png Hakki Junior
  • 2 no.png Bergie  
  • 3 Kewin 

If everything is allright, and the world does not collapse till there, you will be able to watch the Trackmania² Canyon Grand Final of this DH 2011 on the main Stage stream. This will begin at 17h30 CET. So stay tuned!

  • Time : 17h30 CEST
  • Stream available here


no.png Bergie (Dignitas manager) :

"The game is very fast paced and there'sno tricks that you can do like on stadium where you the sliding is decisive.You have a form of sliding in fast of the tracks, especially longer turns, but you don't start the slide on purpose by braking, it just happens automatically. I would say its almost like sliding on island; but them again, i'm not an island expert :p

The handling of the car is a mix between stadium, coast and desert i would say, and if you crash, the car gets damaged !
I don't think the game is suited for esports quite yet simply the game  is very easy and simple, and there's really no challenge in it yet.It's definitely well suited for the casual gamers though.

The TM2 tournament here started with qualificatio, where only first place qualified from each heat. Kewin, Hakki Jr and me all qualified and will play the quarterfinals, tomorrow at 16 cet. Matchmode : Cup with finalist :D

One more thing. The fact that the car sticks to the wall in wallrides is just weird to be honest, and i have yet to find out how to do a turn like that decently. It's not possible to airbrake as well, but i haven't a single "bug" so far !"


Video of gameplay from sk.png Hakki Junior that you can find on eSuba website too


"Together with Ubisoft, Logitech, Intel and NADEO we are very excited to present the WORLD FIRST tournament in the upcoming game TrackMania² Canyon. We also have the developers of TrackMania² Canyon from the studio NADEO on location."

TM² : First step in esport

"During the whole festival you can try and compete in TrackMania² Canyon in the Logitech & Ubisoft both in DreamExpo. There is a lot of fresh hardware from Logitech an Intel for the daily winners. The grand final will be played on the DreamHack Main Stage and there is a 15 000 SEK (1600€) prize purse to race for! Be sure to be apart of THE WORLDS FIRST open tournament in this great game! Sign up, schedule and full information on how to participate will be available in the Ubisoft / Logitech booth"

More informations :
  • Place : Jönköping, Sweden.
  • Date : 18-21th of June 2011
  • How : Ticket

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