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The ESL is still looking for more teamcaptains! Until they've been able to get five countries, but of course more should be possible! Check it out and sign-up as teamcaptain if no-one else has already done it for your country!

Now that the ESL Canyon Premiership 1 has been finished and after last weeks Winter Cup Series announcement, the ESL adminteam has launched another new tournament for Canyon: the ESL Canyon Country Championship 2014.

A Country Championship?
A Country Championship can be seen as a form of Premiership like the ECP1. Only in this case it's not teams against eachother, but countries against eachother. This means that players from (probably completely) different teams come together to play with their fellow countrymen to become the best country on Canyon!

To give everyone some space "championship-wise", the ESL staff creates a "big tournament"-break between ECP1 and CCC'14. This event is planned for Spring/Summer 2014 (expected start: end of March, or something close to that). Of course, you aren't left without any cups during that time, more information about the Winter Cup Series here.

All teams need captains, also these countryteams. This is the first step is taken directly, the possibility to apply to become the captain of your country has been opened by the ESL staff already. Do you have it in you to become a captain? Do you meet the following requirements:


  • At least 16 years old
  • Clean ESL history
  • No flamer, no penalty points for offence(s)

Then you might be the man the ESL staff is looking for! More information about applying to become captain can be found in the ESL announcement.

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#1 by Marius89 on 2014-01-16 at 11:21
It would be pretty cool, if some Stadium players might help out, when their country misses 1-2 players to create a team. :)

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