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Up 29/07/11

Few days after their announcement about a "full" Trackmania line-up, de.png Team Acer wins its first tournament with Trackmania Masters ! Indeed, players of german multigaming dominated eu.png RG-Esport in final (2-0).

nl.png JWH (manager) :
"Great to be able to continue our lossless streak from YoYoTECH into Team Acer. This final was amazingly close and I have rarely seen such close rounds, especially the first map. Despite the holidays the several players available showed great commitment into winning this game, and the move to Acer added motivation to that. Putting a cup victory on the map for Team Acer this early on sure is a  nice headstart, and we couldn't have wished for a better way to begin."

After two rounds, TrackMania Masters 2011 grow up with many good teams in this tournament ! And it finishes tonight with the final at 20:00 : de.png Team Acer vs eu.png RG-Esport 

TrackMania Masters

Created in 2009 by team Hot, TMM is a trackmania tournament with 64 slots (for this last round). Teams are two groupstages and play-offs to know which of them is the best !

Matchs are so classical : 4vs4, 3 maps (tech of 40-45s) each week

Winners of TMM
  • 2010 : pn|Dark
  • 2009 : SJ Gaming

Play-offs tree

1/4 de Finale 1/2 de Finale Finale
se.png Replica Esport
de.png Dac-SP

se.png Replica Esport .

de.png Team Acer .
eu.png Rule Them All
. .
de.png Team Acer
. .

de.png Team Acer

eu.png RG-Esport
pt.pngRev Dark
. .
eu.png Infinity Delta
. .

eu.png Infinity Delta .

eu.png RG-Esport .
de.png Competo
eu.png RG-Esport

source : teamhot

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