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Ba Rally Championship
3^ Edition – 2014

The BA Rally Championship a dirt specialties tournament to be held on TrackMania² STADIUM and will start on Tuesday, January 14, 2014.

It's composed of 32 races on 32 different tracks that will be run weekly. Every week the track will change and will be chosen among all the tracks now available on our server “BA Rally Championship” where everybody can pratice the tracks and give a preference for each one.

The track chosen for every race will be available on the server some days before racestart for pratice session set in time attack mode so that every player can record an official qualification time.

At 20:00 on the day of the race tournament participants will be able to connect to the server and and the race will start at at 21:30 (GMT+1). The race will be set in a round and ends when the first player reaches 75 points.

Each player is required to download and use a skin “rally” for his car to use at all times during the championship.

The Team BA has created several special track with mod created by our track designers which will require all participants to download our mod that will allow you to see the various effects on the slopes to avoid delays in downloading the day of the race.

This tournament is open to Italian and foreign players also single or member of Teams.
This point system will then generate 3 different classifications :

  1. Drivers individual
  2. Qualifications
  3. Teams

all pages from the Site Team BA.

That said, caters official invitation to participate in the third edition of the Rally BaCampionato .
Find more info on:
Thanks to all by Team BlackAngel

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#1 by Edster on 2014-01-10 at 20:23
Cool, looking forwards to this; so many Rally cars to choose from; I am spoilt for choice... :D

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