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Christmas is soon, and the europeanunion ESL staff wanted to offer a nice present to the Dirt players : a Dirty Night Cup#11 2vs2 !

After 3 years ...

Last month I said you that the ESL wanted to make a break until 2014 - but surprise, they decide to do a DNC in 2vs2 which was not organised since more than 3 years, on the Nations Dirt Cup final mappack. 26 teams were registered before the check-in, but only 16 have been able to participate. It was without a big suspense that the team fr Bepino / se Gswe81 won this DNC#11, despite the nice fight with the team fr Alban / fr Papou in final. Sadly, there wasn't a match for the 3rd place, and teams fr Devil / fr Néo & fr Boss.Wanted / fr Jessy finished ex-aequo.



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