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And it's over !
After 38 weeks, 42 races and more than 3500 laps, the Nascar Racing League 2013 is coming to an end !

And the least we can say is that this season was full of surprises and excitement !
Let's come back on this competition among the longest and the most difficult of TrackMania.


NRL Envimix 2013

From the beggining of the season we had two favourites, we knew that the battle for the title would be a fight between France and Spain, a fight between europeanunionNRT and esMAO, a fight between frSome0ne and esDelas. The two pilots were clearly the front runners of this season, and we naturally find them on the top of the podium. Behind them, it was much harder to determine who would join them on the podium. europeanunionNRT had many challengers with frMartelProd (2nd in 2012), hrRazor (3rd in 2012), deSuma (4th in 2012), czKUKU (5th in 2012) or czShaman (9th in 2012), but it was without counting on gbBsRs and their leader gbChina and rookie deAcillA or the German solo player deSenegat2.

After 29 races, the best 13 players were selected to enter the Chase, and this is how frSome0ne (2033), esDelas (2015), frMartelProd (2009), gbChina (2006), hrRazor (2006), deAcillA (2003), czKUKU (2000), deSuma (2000), deSenegat2 (2000), esMiguel (2000), frMarian (2000) and frLightningNokie (2000) saw their points reset to 2000 + 3 points per victory during the regular season.

And it is the french driver frSome0ne whom, despite his lack of experience (only a few races in 2012), defeated the previous champion esDelas after the 13 races of the Chase, with a very similar advance (18 points to 20). The rookie deAcillA did a great job for his first season by taking a well deserved 3rd place !


  1. gold fr>>NRT>>Some0ne (2572 points)
  2. silver esMAO Delas (2552 points)
  3. bronze deBsRs AcillA (2514 points)
  4. gb BsRs China (2495 points)
  5. fr>>NRT>>MartelProd (2493 points)
  6. de>>NRT>>Suma²² (2490 points)
  7. deSenegat2 (2466 points)
  8. cz>>NRT>>KUKU (2449 points)
  9. czHanys CnK (2442 points)
  10. esMAO Miguel (2387 points)
  11. hr>>NRT>>Razor (2347 points)
  12. frBsRs Marian (2340 points)
  13. frVRG LightningNokie (2010 points)

Full rankings: here


NRL Stadium 2013

Here again we expected two front runners, with the Croatian hrRazor (winner of the 2012 season) and the German deAras, both two Nascar monsters. And we were not disapointed since it was hard to say which one would win 4 races before the end of the season. Unfortunately for the show, hrRazor missed two races in a row and will then let the title fly away to deAras.

Behind those two monsters, the fight was way more opened with many challengers. czKUKUesDelasfrSome0nefrMartelProdfrMaxtor fought for being on the podium but in the end, those who missed the less races were rewarded.


  1. gold deSTI - Aras (1524 points)
  2. silver hr>>NRT>>Razor (1498 points)
  3. bronze cz>>NRT>>KUKU (1423 points)
  4. es MAO Delas (1397 points)
  5. fr>>NRT>>Some0ne (1358 points)
  6. fr>>NRT>>MartelProd (1310 points)
  7. fr>>NRT>>Maxtor (1292 points)
  8. esMAO Jamelgo (1207 points)
  9. gbBsRs China (1168 points)
  10. deBsRs AcillA (1132 points)
  11. plBW Kolano (975 points)
  12. nlMoofo (903 points)
  13. de>>NRT>>Suma²² (806 points)

Full rankings: here


Congratulations to every pilot who took part and see you next year on TM2:Stadium with some interesting news... ;)

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