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The fourth race is gone! I personally wasn't there to see it, but after checking the data and asking some dudes the overall picture is clear.



Rally: Map Title Goes Here by Elco
Stadium: Alot of Speed by Zooz
Bay: Aqualung by Lolita




On this map there was a clear top 3. However, the race between them was quite tight. After 24 laps, it was Yannovsky from team Ghost who worn the map with his time 24:53.54. Only two seconds behind finished Cibermix (37), and 6 seconds behind Cibermix we had Sandder from team UH. About 14 after Sandder crossing the line, Tona from Dunno too the fourth place, followed by Cibermix's teammate Lolomax, Arkone from MLOL and Antanas from Dunno2. A tight fight was between killervirus from dac-SP and team GuM's hanonyme, as killervirus won their fight with just half a second. The best lap 1:01:57 was driven by the winner, Yannovsky.

In teams ranking, the number one was 37 with 181 points given by Cibermix and Lolomax. A bit behind it was Ghost with Yannovsky and Red Shreder, having 174 points. Antanas and MGM took their team Dunno2 as third with 162 points. The next 3 teams were MLOL, LAW and Dunno's first squad.


The speedy stadium track made by Zooz was an exciting race. As excepted, the winner was Sandder with 22:34.69. The mapper himself, Zooz from URMOM, finished second with 22:42.06, followed by Dunno's Marius 89 about 3 seconds behind and tarD-re's Passi another 3 seconds behind. A lot tight fights were seen: Lolomax from 37 and cl_ment tarD-re both had the same time of 23:16.81, but cl_ment was ranked in front, as 11th. Also radPL (MCM) and Tibo Dunno) has a nice fight, that rad won with a bit under 0.28 seconds, gaining the 16th place. Sandder also drove the best lap of 55.78.

The fight between teams was really tight. Ghost with Zepset and Red Shreder got 162 as the drivers were 6th and 9th, but also tarD-re got 162 points with Passi and cl_ment being 4th and 11th. On third place there was Marius and Tibo's Dunno with 159 points. Also URMOMwith Tunga and Zooz got 159 points. A bit behind, teams Grr, ement and KZ got all 98 points, so the map was clearly interesting.


Why to stop a good streak? Sandder won also the bay map with 21:06.22. Ghost's Zepset was second about 7 seconds behind, but managed to get the best lap of 51.92. Ghost managed to get another podium when Axatar finished third, 11 seconds after Zepset, followed by Marius 89 very soon after him. Team tarD-re's cl_ment and SmartDriver from team pls had a nice fight, when cl_ment finished just 0.22 seconds before SmartDriver. Another Finnish gang, team SAAB with brothers harrii and Jabuz, wasn't that lucky on the map: both drivers would have needed just about 5 checkpoints more to reach the finish, but time was over to early for them.

Due to their nice 2-3 result Ghost got 186 points from this map with Zepset and Axatar. Sandder with another UH-player, Forgot10, took their team as second, losing 19 points to winner. Team Rev with Elco and zortx was third with 158 points. For URMOM with Darkhawk and Zooz the map was bad, as they got just 115 points and were 15th best team on the map. 



Ghost managed to secure their lead in total standings

This time we have no VOD to give as we were having a cruise with Kurppa. However, check my new Facebook page!

Current top 10 after this round are:

Rank Team Total R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
1 Ghost| 1827 492 484 329 522 0
2 Dunno 1747 498 457 332 460 0
3 37 1720 393 535 304 488 0
4 URMOM 1546 394 431 308 413 0
5 UH 1514 402 425 235 452 0
6 яеѵ 1510 424 382 306 398 0
7 MLOL 1479 304 476 260 439 0
8 LAW 1471 433 408 244 386 0
9 Dunno② 1453 374 394 269 416 0
10 pls 1431 392 411 230 398 0

See full standings here.

This week we will have a race on desert, island and snow.

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#1 by Marius89 on 2013-11-21 at 17:17
nice :)

Too bad pranksta had a disconnect in lap 21 on Rally, but anyway Ghost was too good this week.

"Current top 10 after the FIRST round are"
Is that copy-paste? :D

#2 by wormi on 2013-11-21 at 18:38
Of course, do you think I would have motivation to change color of the text each week? ;) Weird that it says round 1 as I copypasted it from R3 though.
#3 by Axatar on 2013-11-23 at 14:58 Modified 2013-11-23 at 14:59
nice report Wormi :)
R4 server 1 Rally VOD

and R4 Bay Highlights
#4 by wormi on 2013-11-23 at 15:42
I was just about to link those :)

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