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22/11/2013 : The final has been played and this is Awsomniac who are crowned as the great Valley Team champions! Indeed, after their last game against [CMC] they prooved they were the greatest, with their indestructible line-up!

[SPOIL] They won in a straight 3-0 game with 7-3 on the first map, 7-0 and 7-2 on the 2 other maps. So we can say that they definetly showed to the TM world that they were unbeatable. Even if [CMC] did a great cup and did not loose any games, they were not able to resist to the Awsomniac force.

Lack of train or motivation? Too much fun? we do not know. But we can say that even if the game scores are explicit, this game remained awesome to watch, with some incredible tight runs, and a general great demonstration of Valley skill [SPOIL END]

So if you missed this awesome game, you can fortunately watch it on Youtube (Eng, Ger, Fr)

English VOD :

Frecnh VOD :

German VOD :

15/11/2013 : The semi finals of the Valley Team Championship has just finished and we know now what will be the Grand Final cast! So this match which will be awesome will be [CMC] vs. Awsomniac!

We do not know yet when this final will be played, but stay tuned since there will be streams in several languages, and we will let you know the schedules since you can not miss this event!

  • [CMC] : after an incredible thrilling game against Lik3D, the old school team managed to get to the final, and show to the TrackMania world that they were still in the place! The incredible team that everybody feared back in the United days has come back, stronger than ever, hell trained, to show who is the boss!
  • Awsomniac : the young dream team has, with no surprises, got to the the final step! It is time for them to shape the reputation of all these crazy drivers that are in the Line-up

So, time to bet guys, who will win among the crazy CMC legend and the Awsomniac dreamed Line-up?

Semis stream :

In case you missed it, the [CMC] vs. Lik3D game has been streamed, here is the VOD :

Watch live video from Forgot10tm on TwitchTV


Hey folks! The Valley team Championship is soon over and the real serious things are getting closer for the 4 teams that remains on the competition. Indeed, this next wednesday will be the semi finals with some awesome games like LSD vs. Awsomniac and [CMC] vs. Lik3D.

The Teams :

  • LSD : This old school Team with some great TMUF players like Arkone, Dengel, Gued or Mangastef managed to show how they were comfortable on the new Valley gameplay. They managed to get deep into this new environment and beat all their opponents, but will they go further?
  • Awsomniac : What a crazy cheated line-up here! The dream team, built with the best TMUF players like 20.100, klovni, BlackCat, Laurens, Majo seems really unbeatable. Will LSD make it?
  • [CMC] : Another great old-school team that proved so many times in the past that they were the best. Indeed, with an impressive number of United League wins, they seems to be really in a good shape along with their legends that drive with the tag like Zooz, Sandder and Arubiano.
  • Lik3D : This awesome and really strong Canyon Team has off course managed to beat everyone so as to come here at semis! The German finest players enhanced their team with some great french players like cocow or cl_ment! Will they beat the CMC legends?

Some streams of 1/4 :

Lik3D vs. E-SHOCK :

Watch live video from AwsomniacTV on TwitchTV

Awsomniac vs. NOVA :

Watch live video from AwsomniacTV on TwitchTV


After 1 month and 3 playdays on the groupstage's Valley Team Championship #1 tournament, ET-generation website have generated their brackets for the Playoffs phases.

So the real serious things are about to start with the 16 best teams among the 26 participating teams. Indeed, all these crazy freaks will fight on a 16 slots single elimination bracket with no second chance at all. No mistakes will be permitted here and only the best will stand up.

Who will rise as the best Valley Team of all time? Stay tuned here to get bracket updates and streams!

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#1 by Eldrad on 2013-10-25 at 22:54
la vache ca va envoyer du pater au 2 eme tour
#2 by rom42 on 2013-10-26 at 16:10
Further explanation about the seeds, for those that are interested in:

The 8 top teams have been selected as the winners of each group, plus one second. The second we chosen is CN, because:
- Their final score is equal to the winner of the division (TX),
- CN had the best round average among all the seconds, and better than TX too.
For both those reasons, we considered CN was the closest to be a division winner, hence they got the spot.

feliG has a very strong level too but we considered unfair to make the div according to the level we suppose the teams have, rather than their actual scores. Because the first is subjective while the second is objective.

Among the 8 tops teams, 4 had won all their matches (Nova, Lik3D, CMC and Nova²). Those four have been spead in the four main branches of the tree, each of them leading to a semifinal match.

The 4 other "top teams" have been spread in those four branches too, so that each quarter of the playoff tree contains one "all maps winner" team and one other top seed team (winner of division with a map lost, or CN). How we spread them is a random draw.

The six remaining seconds and the two best thirds have been spread to fill the remaining spots of the tree thanks to a random draw too, but taking into account two constraints:
- Teams that came from the same group should not be in the same half of the tree, so that they don't meet before the final (except if one of them is a third of division),
- There is one third of division in each half.

#3 by infarctus on 2013-10-27 at 01:22
thanks :)
#4 by CaiLL on 2013-10-27 at 12:54
Leonarda42, si tu veux t'intégrer à la France, parle le français. Après vous vous étonnez d'être reconduits à la frontière...
#5 by Minato on 2013-11-07 at 15:37
Yea, gg LSD - best team evahr :D
#6 by Arkone on 2013-11-07 at 16:35
You don't even imagine how hard we are training. ^^
#7 by oNio on 2013-11-07 at 19:38
CaiLL still is my favorite, and still, is there no admin who can do something about him? :O :D
#8 by riolu on 2013-11-07 at 21:33
#9 by Minato on 2013-11-15 at 14:03
pls win this CMC
#10 by Darkhawk on 2013-11-16 at 13:49
we give our best to nolife the maps ^^ everyone in our team wants to win this final!
#11 by Marius89 on 2013-11-21 at 12:33
gg! :)

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