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The Formula ET season 8 is beginning, and the first mappack is already out. There's still a week time to the first round, and the deadline for registerations is set as Sunday 18.00, CET. Currenlty there are 29 teams registered, see list of the teams here on ET website.

What is FET8?

Formula ET is a league by ET-generation, in which the teams of 2-4 players drive 24 laps on a minute long techmap. Two of the team's players are on track at once. The competition is held in Trackmania United, so all seven environments will be driven. The races itself begin at 20:15 CET every Sunday, having 3 maps per week.

Mappack 1

The maps for first round are Smile (coast) by wormi, Mosaic (rally) by Kiwininja and Spéculos (stadium) by Titi74. You can download the mappack here

Good luck and have fun in FET8!

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#1 by rom42 on 2013-10-21 at 20:09
Thanks for the news, Wormi :)

We hope to see lots of you guys on sunday!

#2 by wormi on 2013-10-21 at 22:31
No problem rom, I'll try my best to have time to write some kind of reports each week! A cool banner would be welcome though :) Maybe ET could make one? The size should be 746p wide, height is free to choice.
#3 by rom42 on 2013-10-21 at 22:53 Modified 2013-10-21 at 22:54
It's cool to see people motivated to keep the TM community alive, we need more guys like you.

I have no significant graphical talent, but i could try to make something. There is also the basic ET banner (only the ET logo). And i planned to release a news here once the divisions are created.

Anyway, your idea was great: such a reminder is allways relevant for all the players that might have missed the first news, or forgotten it.

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