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UPDATE: Sign-up deadline has been extended till 28 September.
Are you playing for a team on TrackMania2:Canyon? Do you have 5 or more players in your team, who are destined to play a tournament in the autumn of 2013? Than ECP1 (ESL Canyon Premiership) is the place to be!
Until now, 10 teams have signed up for this premiership. Surely there are more teams out there who are willing and able to participate in this premiership?

General information

  • Minimum players per team: 5 players
  • Maximum players per team: 16 players (including managers, etc.)
  • Initial sign-up deadline: 21 28 September
  • Mappack release: 5 October
  • First playday: 12 October

A premiership?
Some of you might be known with the Premiership idea, f.e. from the CPS on Stadium.
For those who aren't, here is a basic explaination of a Premiership:

A premiership consists of two phases: a groupstage and the playoffs.
In the groupstage you will compete with other teams in your group to secure the first or second place in your group. Those two positions will give you a place in the playoffs.
The groupstage consists of a number of playdays, which will depend on the amount of teams we'll get for this premiership. The groupstage will have 4 groups, over which the participating teams will be spread.
After the groupstage has finished, the best 8 will race for the prizes in the Playoffs in a Double Elimination format.

Sign up!
Are you able and willing to play in this premiership? The ESL adminteam will heartly welcome you, if you sign up for this premiership:

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#1 by Minato on 2013-09-17 at 23:50
Why is it that the registrations will close 3 weeks before the first matchday starts? Wouldn't it be better like 3 days before the matches? I mean it's not that complicated to randomly put the teams in groups and start the tournament, or is it?
#2 by TheM on 2013-09-19 at 17:00 Modified 2013-09-19 at 17:01
From the outside it might seem real early to close the registrations 3 weeks early, and you are right in saying that it can be later (2 weeks is possible - which I've just changed).
Only problem is that the ESL system isn't build for admins to create premierships on their own. This has to be done by the management, which takes a while. Furthermore it will allow for training of the maps, releasing the rulebook and allowing players into the discussionforums.

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