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We all knew Revo because of the Infernal Movie contest, where he showed us his talent as a videomaker. We know him now as the official TM2 Canyon Videomaker along with Destroyer. We just asked some questions to know how it all happened, and what was going on in Nadeo studios...

For the beginning, could you make a small presentation of yourself and of your past work?

My name is Matthew, aka Revo, I'm 24 years old and I've had TM since the first release! But I didn't realize the community aspect and the potential of TM until much later, that is to say about early 2009 after a long Need for Speed period (mainly Carbon).
I immediately developped a great interest in both racing and videomaking (two things I had done already with NFS but without the power of the MediaTracker!). After a mercenary period along Grr!, I joined the RM (Rally Men) in early summer 2010 after getting in touch with them through their great series of video competition, the Infernal Movie Contest (IMC).

Except IMC, what is, according to you, your best work so far?

Well if we take out my participation in IMC, I have not made ??other huge video projects. This is easily explainable: I only have been active in TMUF for 2 years, and IMC are proposed at a rate of 2 per year over a period of 2 months each, which means that these contests occupy much of the time I spend on TM in addition to race leagues to which I am pleased to participate with my team. But of course I remember that the sequel to The Noh is still pending, and I will try to release a fully remastered version when I will have time! (just like The Hunted is by hydrophyse)

Let's go right in the heart of the question. Aside from your work on the trailer, can you tell us how was your meeting with Nadeo?

My first contact with Nadeo was held in September 2010, wich is actually quite recent. Thanks to my IMC2 video and the kidnapping of Hylis video, which allowed me to get noticed by the community and by Nutsdeo! My first role was to make a video on TM2 Canyon for internal use only, in order to make Ubisoft drool and show them that at Nadeo,  pies are sent without the crust.
So I made ??the acquaintance of this charming team for 5 days and it was a great journey for me!

So you mean they allowed you to come on their Studio, so you could work on this video?

Yes, yes, for this video, I came in their studio in Paris for a short week. After two days listening to music with Hylis, we finally made our choice so I began the realization of the video on the 3 remaining days. I actually met BlackShark at this occasion, he was also preparing a "private" video in order to test the new TM2 3D. Neither he nor I have yet the right to broadcast these videos, but someday, who knows ...

Ok, without spoiling, but nonetheless truthfully, what was your first reaction about the game?

Visually immediately striking! My first screenshot will remain engraved in my memory, a real photo-realistic postcard!
Then I went to test the gameplay, to get some feelings of the game before starting making the video. It is very intuitive, and nicely playable with both keyboard or gamepad. I am not able to speak of the conduct in depth, so I'll just say that a majority should find happiness in the conduct of Canyon, but the most demanding will be disappointed. Personally, I find a proper dose of fun, but nothing will ever equal Rally and Island!

Let's talk about the new video editor. Have you been able to use it intuitively? What was your feeling with this tool?

The MediaTracker has evolved without being destabilizing. The interface remains the same in its entirety, it is easy to take its brands. But we soon saw many new features, particularly the ability to define a zone of shoot. Thus, it becomes easy to shoot only 2 or 3 seconds of video on a 40s replay for example.
Therefore, it is possible to push quality to the extreme, with particularly unreasonable anti-aliasing values. Add to this the sublime light reflections on the car body, the advanced field depth management, and it's just beautiful.

Let's talk about the official trailer that we could all see last Tuesday, can you explain how was it like working on it. Who exactly has been working on it and how did you divide the tasks?

As you probably know, the official videos of TM2 that you've seen so far have been conducted by myself and Destroyer. Overall, we divided the work in half. Destroyer supported the teaser, I did the exclusive trailer for the Gamers Assembly 2011 (ambianceeuuuhhh epic!), and we joined forces for the official trailer on Tuesday.
It is important to mention a third person: Edward Beauchemin, aka MrBob. He was there to guide us in decision-making, we indicate the wishes of Ubisoft marketing, in short, he had a coordinating role but also a supplier of maps, replays, and wallow in all genres to give us material to work !
Eventually, I realized the first half of this trailer until the end of the live mapping (with the transition TURBO pleasing or not!). The rest is a mix of plans made by me and DS.

Do you know the different reactions of Ubisoft, after the broadcast of these videos?

From what MrBob said to us, Ubisoft was really pleased with our work: "astounded by the quality of the video " or something like that. It's great that the decision belongs to Nadeo to work with the community on this kind of project, it makes everyone happy!

And so, can you tell us if your working with Nadeo will stop now?

I think there will be many opportunities to come, wait and see!

A word to finish

Thank you obviously Nadeo TM and the whole community for making this game what it is today, and thank you especially to TM Actu and Infar for this interview! Big GG to PGMS that I could see live in GA, you sell the dream guys! Big shoutout to Rally Men, BACKFLIIIIIP

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