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You may know the PyRo|GEN multigaming thanks to their ShootMania : Storm great Line-up? Indeed, this team that exists since the early Alpha stages of the game, and made awesome result on competitions has now a TrackMania² : Stadium Line-up.

For their first steps in this game, they chose a full French team with some great players. We hope and wish the best for them and for their future in high level competition.

PyRo|gEN messages :

Thibaut "C0unt" PERRY (TrackMania Captain) : "We are really happy to be part of PyRo|GEN. The team is really enthusiastic to begin a new adventure by driving for such a great name. All the players have a great knowledge of the game, and we can not wait to show what we can do on competition, like ESWC next month. I would like to thanks all the staff and sponsors for their trust."

Yannick "Mafia" CORLEONE (eSport Manager) : "We are really happy to welcome these players in PyRo|GEN. We are now here on the 2 NADEO games. I wish them all the best, and maybe a success like their mates from ShootMania. You will see what they are capable of during next ESWC."

The Line-up :

  • Thibault "C0unt" PERRY (Manager)
  • Alexandre "Alex" SCALISI
  • Laouenan "zo0m" LE CORGUILLE
  • Florian "Aswer" DOMITILE
  • Christopher "Cobrask" SAILLANT

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#1 by Grg on 2013-09-16 at 18:49
Thank you for the news :)
PyRoGEN go to Trackmania French ESWC
#2 by Kowakz on 2013-09-16 at 19:01
Here we go for THE PyRovolution ! :p Good luck !
#3 by Minato on 2013-09-17 at 15:35
gl hf ^^

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