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Update 25/04/2011:

The "nosedive" has been added to the guide, at the end of the chapter "grips".

Here is the download link toward the edited guide: http://www.2shared.com/document/LRpetxU0/Amateur_to_pro_the_guide.html



You don't understand nothing on Fullspeed ? Here is something which should relieve you...

After the Tech guide..

After the Tech guide written by Drapeau pt.png Moriah, we have had the idea to write the same type of guide for Fullspeed ! The guide has been written by Drapeau pm.png Ludo, and translated by Drapeau pm.png Redsox.

You will find out in this guide ALL (or almost) the tricks useful in Fullspeed: from Air-brake to Ride Trick, without forget the famous Speed-slide !

This very complete guide, is also accompanied with screens on which the author has draw the curves to have on different blocs, with videos, and more.

The author also explain the match preparation, the discovery of a map, the pad choice ...

But judge rather:


Small logical mistake: The red curves drawn on screens represent the good curves, and the green ones, the wrong curves (weird) !

Like it's specified at the end of the guide: this is not magic, this is only a help ! You will need a lot of practise to master each trick, and to recognize all situations.

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