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The ESL Summer Special League has started off with the 1st group-stage round being played this previous Sunday.

3 groups out of 4 were played, and they were all cast by se Acer | frostBeule in English.


The tournament is played first with a group-stage phase with 16 players divided into 4 groups. 3 matches will be played in each group, each time with a differen't mappack, all from the previous CPS 11 season. 

The matches will be played in 1vs1vs1vs1 with Cup Mode without Finalist and a pointlimit of 100 (match ends when the first player reaches 100). However, if all players are not present, it can also be played in 1vs1vs1 or 1vs1 (bo3).

1st place gets 10 points in the ranking, 2nd place gets 6, 3rd get 4 and 4th get 3 points. Top 2 from each group qualify for the playoffs.

Group 3:  it Acer | B3pp0'92 vs. de BX3 | dNs vs. ca RtA mael vs. de BX3 | JohN

The match-day started off with Group 3 where we saw JohN taking an early lead in the match, but then dropped down as the match went on and would eventually finish last. B3pp0'92 did the opposite and had a weak start to the match, but later on completely dominated and could reach 100 points as first unthreatened. dNs and mael finished with the same amount of points (75) which meant they both got 6 points in the rankings.

VOD cast by Acer | frostBeule

Current rankings:
Acer | B3pp0'92 - 10 points
BX3 | dNs & RtA mael - 6 points
BX3 | JohN - 3 points

Group 1:  nl Dignitas/Spam vs. at Acer | PokeR 

For Group 1, both Jaja and Woki did not show up, so it was decided that a 1vs1 would be played between PokeR and Spam using normal 1vs1 rules which meant a best of 3 with pointlimit 7.
On the first map, PokeR went to an early 0-3 lead with Spam making a lot of mistakes. Right then it looked very good for PokeR, but looks can deceive and Spam ended up winning 4 rounds in a row and was suddenly in the lead. PokeR then woke up from his slumber and decided to win another 3 rounds in a row in this very back-and-forth match and with that brought himself up to set-point at 4-6. However, that back-and-forth action continued with Spam being able to make a comeback and win 2 rounds in a row so that the score was 6-6 and the next round would decide it all (since Tennis Mode was not in effect).
In the last round, Spam made 2 early mistakes so that PokeR only had to finish the round safely to win. Although PokeR did make a late mistake which allowed Spam to catch up a lot, he still managed to keep himself in front and take the 1st map with a score of 6-7.
2nd map started off much better for Spam as PokeR now was the one making a lot of errors. The first two rounds went easily to the Dignitas player because of this. And although PokeR won the 3rd round after a crazy comeback where he defeated Spam with only 0.01 of a second, Spam could take the 4th round and now had a lead of 3-1. But PokeR had not given up, and after setting a couple of great times in a row (54.78 & 54.76) had brought it back to a tie at 3-3.
PokeR then continued that good performance by setting either high 54 or low 55 times, and simply drove a bit faster than Spam. PokeR was able to take 3 rounds in a row and was looking to drive home the match at match-point 3-6. And PokeR ended off the match after a close round (54.97 vs. 55.14) and thus won this match with a score of 0-2 (6-7, 3-7).

VOD cast by Acer | frostBeule

Current rankings:
Acer | PokeR - 10 points
Dignitas/Spam - 6 points
Jaja & Woki - 0 points


Group 2:  de mouz oNio vs. de BX3 | Beat vs. fr HpY.Kronos

The match-day concluded with Group 2 (Group 4 was not played) between oNio, Beat and Kronos. This match was back to Cup Mode, pointlimit 100.

Beat started off the best by winning the 2 first rounds and thus had 20 points already. But both oNio and Kronos caught up after this and after the 1st map, only 6 points differentiated the 3 players.
On the 2nd map, Beat did not start off nearly as well and made a couple of crucial mistakes. On the other hand, oNio stepped up his game and won the majority of the rounds which meant after the 2nd map he was now in the lead with 58 points. Kronos also played better than Beat and could also pass him, now at 54 points with Beat at 48.
On the 3rd map, it was only natural that it was Kronos time to dominate. He was able to win 3 rounds out of 4 and got 2nd in the one he didnt win after a very stable performance. This meant he took a pretty significant lead at 90 points. oNio who played well on the 2nd map could not keep up that performance and was now at 76 points, only 2 points ahead of Beat who played a bit better.
Back on the 1st map now, and Kronos could end the match if he wins the next round (he's already won anyway). A close battle follows between Kronos and oNio, which oNio is able to win with a time of 58.81, which turns out to be very important as it means that oNio will take 2nd place since Kronos only needs to finish the next round to end off the match and Beat can not come back even if he takes 1st.

VOD cast by Acer | frostBeule

Current rankings:
HpY.Kronos - 10 points
mouz oNio - 6 points
BX3 | Beat - 4 points


Next round is not scheduled yet. The matches are moveable so they can occur at different days.

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