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Triple Crown Feast hosted by Beyond Gaming ended this past weekend. The playoffs phase began with a semi-final consisting of 48 hours of Time Attack on a Nadeo multi-lap where the top 25 qualified for the Grand Final which was played on 5 maps, again using Time Attack and a 5 minute time-limit where the total-time was what mattered.

In the final, cz BX3 Flyer could secure the victory* with a total-time of 03:04.762! He was about 17 hundreds ahead of 2nd place dk Vination'Tt|Serbi, and an additional 5 hundreds ahead of 3rd place ca »RtA« wally.


gold cz BX3 Flyer
silver dk Vination'Tt|Serbi
bronze ca »RtA« wally
To see the full results, click here. Top 50 all won prizes in this event and to see who won what, compare the results page with the prize page.
*Worth noting is that ca Dignitas/Carl Jr. who could not be present at the time of the Grand Final was still allowed to participate by the admins. He was allowed to set his times hours earlier from the rest who all had to play at the same time later in the evening.
This was not known to anyone until shortly before the final started. After the race, and after complains from most of the players, Beyond Gaming decided to eventually disqualify Carl Jr. who if his times had counted would have finished at 1st place. Despite being disqualified, Beyond Gaming are still planning to give Carl Jr. some sort of prize-pack which content is unknown at the time of writing.


gb English cast by Beyond Gaming
gb English POV by acer | frostBeule
gb English POV by Dignitas/Spam

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#1 by serujio on 2013-08-13 at 00:41
this tournament has potencial if admins get to know more about trackmania competitions, and keep improving it in the right direction.
#2 by Deejay on 2013-08-13 at 03:24
Agree with serujio, I think this tournament could be better with a real organisation. Anyway, thanks for the admins and hope to see a new edition soon.
#3 by zo0m on 2013-08-13 at 20:32
+100000 #1 & #2 !!

The cash prize was really stunning and rare in a TM competition, and i was feeling very bad when i saw that admins doesn't know anything about trackmania, they added 13 maps @ the mappack 2 hours before the tournament start, we can't play the first day because of servers problem..

For Carl Jr's problem, this is really ugly. If the player was another than him admins should doesn't care, but he was one of the best or the best imo SO he had a special chance, and this is not fair, not fun, this is not trackmania.

I'm really disappointed !

#4 by LoCoBuDDha on 2013-08-13 at 21:44
Wow, what a bad organization! Lets hope for a level up next time :) Really nice to see a danish guy in the top, danish power! Tillykke serbi ;)
#5 by Tamarillo on 2013-08-14 at 19:15
The organisation is learning guys, and everyone makes mistake.. it was their first tournament and they haven't made the best decisions, but if we keep bashing on it without a good reason it won't help anything.

They're open for help and support and eventually they'll get there.. even though I was a bit disappointed I missed the final, I still think they did a reasonable job, if you forget the the Carl Jr-gate.

It'll become better.. everyone makes mistakes, so don't be harsh on them :p I watched a bit of the vod back and I loved the enthousiasm!

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