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Two days ago was the day for round 4 of Trackmania United's Giant Cup 11. Once again the players competed on two servers, and the races were tight. The server one was really tight, and the top players were close eachother. After seven maps Red Shreder had got 1264 points, Yannovsky 1188 and ElComandante 1161, which tells that the race between those three had been exciting.

On the other server, the number one was pranksta with 1440 points, when on the second place with 1308 points was Cibermix. The third place went after all of wormi with 785 points, who overtook Lolita in the last map, which was desert. Also killervirus and Antanasro were fighting for the third place.

Top 10 after 3 rounds played

  • pranksta (4249), 3 rounds played
  • Marius (3738), 3 rounds played
  • Titi74 (3432), 4 round played
  • Tona (3069), 2 rounds played
  • Red Shreder (2773), 2 rounds played
  • Wormi (2570), 3 rounds played
  • Antanasro (2556), 3 rounds played
  • Darkhawk (2426), 3 rounds played
  • ElComandente (2215), 2 rounds played
  • Zipfel (2213), 3 rounds played


The next round will be played next week, the date hasn't been announced yet though. Also, ET has published already the playoffs map pack for GC11.

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