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After a very successful 2nd edition, TM Masters is already back announcing the 3rd edition of the TM Masters True Talent Cup!

News for this edition is that there won't be a normal registration. Instead, 1 week of Time Attack starting on August 5th and lasting until midnight August 10th will decide who can play. To qualify for the race, you need to be within the top 80 times on 1 map (made by ro Nevermind).

Then, the race itself will take place the day after on August 11th on 5 new and unknown maps made by cz Edge.

Also new for this edition is that this time there will be a warm-up round everytime a new map loads, to prevent people from lagging out of the race.

Info about server details and copper prizes will be announced at a later date. But be sure to follow TM Masters on Facebook to stay completely updated.

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#1 by znik on 2013-08-03 at 17:55 Modified 2013-08-03 at 17:59
What's up with this sudden explosion of cups and tournaments? And the holiday is not even over yet for many. Tournament hosters should consider communicating or at least take a look around :p (nothing against TMM, just everyone in general)
#2 by Dino on 2013-08-05 at 11:38
znik, I just can speak for Team HOT TTC's:

We decided to do some TTC before TMT starts.
While TTC is on we're gonna do a break, this is why we wanted to do several TTC's right now.

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