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In view of the success of the first two editions of the Dirt 24h, the europeanunion Infinity team is pleased to remake a new call to the mappers of the community for the third edition!
The date of this third editions scheduled at Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th October 2013.

Rules of mapping

  • The map will have to be called: $d71ιиғι$888иιтч $d7124H³ « free map name »
  • The map must be one duration of more or less 2min30.
  • The map must be validated in Modlap.
  • Scenery must be present but without exaggeration in order to avoid the lags.
  • A minimum of hexa is tolerated to avoid the bugs.
  • The map will not have to be too technical (we'll have to play 24h above!)
  • The maps will be to send to this e-mail address: fredericdefrere[at]
  • The map which will be selected will have to be validated in the four environments.
  • The map should not be locked by a password during the test period.
  • The map will be published in a temporary account for the test period (to prevent favoritism!)

The deadline to send the maps is fixed for October 5th 2013

The maps should be kept confidential !

Good mapping everybody!

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