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Awsomniac is not a new name on the Trackmania² scene, but it has been rather quiet since the Cap'Arena. With the release of Trackmania²: Valley however, Awsomniac is fully back in Trackmania² . This means a (mostly) new lineup and some changes in the organisation as well.

For starters, the old TM² manager,  Arthur 'Shalvus' Magrez, had to go and was replaced by  Marcel 'Zengo' Beishuizen. Also,  the popular moviemaker  Andrii 'Andriv' Rudyk has been signed to work for Awsomniac from now on.

But the most important thing is that some of the players from the BX3 TM² lineup decided to leave their organisation and join Awsomniac. This means that our  lineup now consists of the following 10 players:

  •  Stefan ´BlackCat´ Hellström
  •  Gianluca ´Figos´ Longhi
  •  Jere 'jerhi' Hämäläinen
  •  Kasperi 'klovni' Aaltonen
  •  Laurens 'Laurens' Beerten
  •  William 'lmb-willy' Kilburg
  •  Mario 'Majo'  Uden 
  •  Marius 'Marius89' Wenke
  •  Tom ´Pac´ Cole
  •  Moritz 'pranksta' Lottig

We believe we have a very strong lineup with these 10 players and aim to win. You can see Laurens in action this coming weekend on the district-prague stadium event, and several Awsomniac members on valley at the Opale Arena, in the weekend from 23 to 25 august 2013.

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