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After two individual tournaments in speed, ESL organize a team tournament, in Germany...

The cup

We thought Speed was dead in ESL, but ESL admins have decided to come back to sources, on solid bases, organizing a tournament exclusively for germans. Germany which is the bigger country of Fullspeed, this tournament should be a success. 

ESL also express by the organization of this tournament, the come back of the communication with the Fullspeed community. Indeed, each team has chosen a map before the beggining of the tournament. With 14 Line-ups in, with severals in the same team, we have 13 maps.

So, the 13 maps chosen are:

  • ESL-Burn too slow (n!faculty)
  • Diamond (funky atzen)
  • Himayala Gold (LA'z)
  • Zero_Frequency (n2L)
  • ESL-Paprika  (SigN Gaming)
  • ESL-Old But Gold (Bullracing I)
  • KIKCSTART (Bullracing II)
  • ESL-Burn too Slow (Easykiller)
  • LowRiders (LowRiders)
  • ESL-Rien_de_Regrette (Skilles Phantoms)
  • Pathfinder (Speed-Fun-Drivers)
  • Pressure (SWRT Gaming)
  • Burning Wheels (veloteq eSports)
  • New Generation (Woku Racing)


The 14 teams are divided in two divisions:

Matchs will be on 3on3, but teams can also make 4on4 or 5on5 if they are able to.

A SPS season isn't planned at the moment, but this competition would be like a pre-SPS 5 if it takes place well. With 14 teams in Germany, and almost the same number in France for the C.E.D.I. (link), we would be able to see a big team tournament, tall SPS, soon, organized by ESL (or not ?) ... Wait & see !

In all facts, wish good luck to registered teams for Team Speed Championship Germany !


Source: ESL

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