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Electronic Tournaments announced its schedule for the end of the current year and early 2014. As expected, Valley is to be widely integrated in those competitions and Canyon will remain played. The structure is also continuously looking for maps and players who would like to involve in administration of tournaments, especially for Trackmania Nations Forever.

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"Hey folks,
finally we decided about the future of TM2 and Valley at ET and we're proud to announce the upcoming tournaments after the Giant Cups:

a) After the summer break, our first competition will be the Valley Team Championship. It will be a 3vs3 competition played on Valley only, but a shortened season compared to the normal TWL seasons. The ET Map Upload Center is ready for your VTC maps!

b) TM2 World League (TWL) such as TM2 Formula ET (TFET) will -as promised- remain TM2 competitions covering all new environments. Valley will therefore be added to those competitions. In ET's point of view, Stadium is not a new TM2 environment though and will NOT be part of TWL and TFET.

c) The TWL3 will be launched after the short VTC season and be similar to the UL10 league mode, having a home and away leg, so you will face each team both on Canyon and Valley, but there'll be no need to switch the server/title during a match.

d) In parallel to the TWL3, there will be two 1vs1 leagues, which are Canyon only, respectively Valley only, and played on the same maps as the TWL. Players who have only one of the environments can play these leagues as an excerpt of the full TWL map pack.

e) The TFET3 will take place after the Christmas break, containing Canyon and Valley.

f) Stadium competitions like NC or STC will for now remain on TMN Forever and considered to switch to TM2 in 2014. The launch date of the next season is still to be defined. Also, we're still searching for motivated TMN admins to get the Stadium competitions managed. Feel free to send an application by mail or PM.

We're looking forward to the upcoming leagues and wish you a nice rest of the summer!
The ET team

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#1 by infarctus on 2013-07-12 at 11:42
in my opinion, it is really really a pitty that you do not integrate Stadium on your multi environment events.
That was for me and for several players the only way to play a bit of this awesome environment...I mean, at our multi skill level. Since all united and maniaplanet² players love stadium but do not wish to compet with the crazy stadium only freaks.
plzplzplz admins ET, go back to this plan...That would be so appreciated :)
#2 by Gaétan on 2013-07-12 at 12:16
I do not agree with you Infar, I think the choice of ET is the best. I am a Canyon player and now a Valley's one, and I did not want to play Stadium in competitions, although I love watching this environment ..
It reminds me of the integration of Stadium in GC United, I found it completely absurd .. (And it is also perhaps because I lost all my points on this environment, idk .. :P)
Remains only to servers that can switch environment, and we'll see ! :)
#3 by oNio on 2013-07-12 at 15:14
At least it would have been cool, if they would integrate it in the TWL, because then the team has to choose who will drive stadium. in the 1on1 cups i agree with gaetan ofc
#4 by oNio on 2013-07-12 at 15:14 Modified 2013-07-12 at 15:15
Say no to doublepost!
#5 by infarctus on 2013-07-12 at 16:11
At least at TWL yeah, that's what i meant
#6 by rom42 on 2013-07-12 at 17:25 Modified 2013-07-12 at 17:41
There are of course pros and cons.

I'd have liked to see the new blocks of TM2S in a league, for instance.

But on the other hand, Stadium has already its own competitions (and a lot). As far as i see it, most of Stadium players prefer to play them than to involve in a multi-environment tournament. And lots of TMU teams don't want to play Stadium. As a consequence, we have seen in the UL (TMUF) lots of TMU teams that recruit a whole TMN team to play the Stadium maps of the UL. It's not really the way it is supposed to work.

Anyway, we'll watch carefully how evolves the demand of TM2 players: if TM2S players want to play multi-environments tournaments, and Canyon/Valley players want to play Stadium as well, this might evolve.

Gaétan: The integration of Stadium in the TMU GC is normal, since Stadium has been included to TMU from the beginning. The only alternative way would be 3 TM1 GCs: TMO, TMS and TMN.

#7 by infarctus on 2013-07-13 at 11:58 Modified 2013-07-13 at 11:59
Well, i loved ET's united leagues because of that. They were sorts of messiah that were gathering the 2 communities for a league time. Me and my team paf gaming had a special Stadium line up, and it was so good to play together for one time...I'll really miss this time, and think that ET could have stay in that dynamic, but it seems that it wont happen again and its sad.Only ET pproposed it in the past, and for me its not a good decision to not give us that thing anymore.Plz ET guys, make a poll or something, come back to this decision...At least a poll :S
#8 by rom42 on 2013-07-13 at 17:41
How much stadium maps did you actually play? It was allways the Stadium guys, anyway... The fact is, adding Stadium gives a strong natural but abusive advantage to TMU teams that have a TMN line-up, and other teams try to merge with TMN teams they don't even know, this latter behaviour leading to an arm race with mercenaries, you know that.
#9 by Gaétan on 2013-07-13 at 19:04
I completely agree with you Rom, I do not understand your reasoning Infar ... Of course if all the line-ups had a line-up Tmn, choosing intergrer Stadium would not be a question, but this is unfortunately not the case.
Or you decide to do this completely fun competition, with all the line-up who are not mercenaries or Tmn (that would be very fun !), or when you play serious and there is one that will have the best recruit Tmn who wins .. :P
#10 by oNio on 2013-07-14 at 10:26 Modified 2013-07-14 at 10:28
so it's diffrent with Valley and Canyon? You are throwing it in the same pot, but it's the same situation with Stadium, maybe teams will integrate complete valley teams, or in the other way canyon teams, to compete in TWL3 then... so your fact isn't rly valuable in this point

in my point of view it's a completly other situation with 3 own physics as there are canyon, valley and stadium, and you can't really refer to the situation stadium had with tmuf, where 6 environments were opposing stadium. i think it would at least worth of trying to integrate stadium, but you didn't even think that this is necessary. nor was there a vote for the community, what u can base your arguments on...

#11 by Laurens on 2013-07-14 at 11:26
You had to keep everything seperated :S..

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