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The Giant up 11 is about to start on the ET-generation website! Indeed, the oldest TrackMnania United solo competition will soon start, the 16 of July, and great players like Arkone, Lolomax, Zooz and Marius already registered to show again their best to the community.

So if you want to go back on old school road and have fun, just go there and register!

Message from Arkone :

"Hello guys,

As usual, summer means holidays and what happens at this time: the answer sounds easy, this is the best individual and online competition on TMU and we hope to see most of you to take part in.
Will we see John Hurt as the great winner this time ? Or what will be the answer at the end of the season Final ?

There will be a few changes this year:
- the most important being one which should prevent the empty servers as last year. We will get back to the old system where it is only possible to register for one tournament at the time ;
- there will be only 6 different tournaments of which you are allowed to play at max four, to qualify yourself for the play-offs ;
- the 6 tournaments will be scheduled on 3 days this summer (Tue to Thu).

Informations :

  • No player limit
  • Solo cup
  • Start 16 of July
  • Mappack available here!
  • Complete rules and schedules here!

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