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Yesterday was the Day two of the Canyon's Summer Giant Cup on Electronic Tournaments website. And we can notice that Valley release did hurt a bit this awesome competition since only 20 players were there to compete among the 79 ones registered. This number is unfortunately historical for ET-generation, who always made really popular and crowded tourneys.

We really hope that more people will come for the dates to come. Becasue it's summer, becasue there is Valley, becasue we are young and lots of wemen are waiting for our loves around here, we forgive you! But time to get back on the road has come guys, for there is one top racer to crown!

Top 10 so far :

  1. Vetah (2354 points)
  2. Marius (2187)
  3. Nahoy (2025)
  4. Nath (1755)
  5. Johnyy13 (1400)
  6. Cocow (1277)
  7. Pacman (1079)
  8. Milmas4 (1028)
  9. RJeremy (1027)
  10. Stero (1015)


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