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The Electronic Sport League website has just launched its TrackMania² : Valley section. And for the Opening party, they are hosting a single player cup on their official NADEO mappack!

"The first event ever is here! Win Premium and award! For this opening cup there are mixed-styled maps picked but we are already on sorting the rally-style ones. But before that, please prepare yourself and lets get engaged with some Valley finally!"

ESL Admin Team

Details :

  • 1on1 Cup
  • Double elimination
  • 32 Slots
  • Starting 12/07/013 19h00 CEST
  • Mappack : NADEO A09, B01, B08, B09 and C07

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#1 by riolu on 2013-07-08 at 19:42
gogo sign up! show some support for Valley :)

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