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Hey folks! As you may noticed, dear Canyon drivers, ET-generation just launched its great Summer competition : The well known Giant Cup!

So, despite the fact that every NADEO fans are in the Valley now, some irreducible freaks registered to this second edition of the solo summer cup, to show their best and prove to te world that they remain the unbeatable beasts.

So for now, 73 players registered so far. It is about a half of the last edition's registering. But who cares! Freaks are here, and fun will be at the party for sure! With some names like Marius, Onio, Tona, Norman and 20-100, we can say that the skill and challenge will be there, for the good of every one!

We do not know if anyone will broadcast it, at least the September's final. But stay tuned on our website, because if something great happens, we will share it!

Standing :

  1. Vetah : 119 points
  2. Pacman : 1079 points
  3. Marius : 1030 points
  4. Milmas : 1028 points
  5. Nahoy : 1020 points
  6. Onio : 990 points
  7. Poco : 968 points
  8. Tona : 960 points
  9. Willy : 958 points
  10. Greatadi : 956 Points

Complete ranking available here :

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