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Played on July the 4th, the ESL Dirty Night Cup #7 was the last DNC before the summer holidays.

The Twins are in good shape !

If you don't knew it, the last DNC's winner was fr Splash and he's twin with fr Kustick - the two players of Addict.Gaming team show us that they're really good at the moment and wins the two lasts DNC of the season. 56 drivers were registered for this DNC#7, it's 11 less than the DNC#6 but it's normal, it took place in the middle of the week, to satisfy a maximum of players. Kustick has got an "easy" draw at the start of the cup for his level, but in semi-final he faced fr Manu (2nd of DNC#6), fr Tia (1st of DNC#5) and fr Papou who is often in DNC's 1/2 of finals. He qualified itself for the finale with fr Manufr BossWanted & fr Nico, and he won it.



End of season for ESL Dirt admins !

Dirt admins takes their holidays and they will work on several projects for you until September !

  • Working on new ideas for dirt players : series/ladders, cup series, ...
  • Due to the success of last cups, we will probably make next diry night cups with 64 slots in september.
  • Set up an old idea, a double competition with Nations Dirt Cup and a tournament with teams : same time, same maps : 3 years after, comeback of DPS, Dirt Premiership Season with the 3rd season. The 2 firsts were won by europeanunion NWT.

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