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MAJ 05/06
: Tonight, this is the Great Final of the ESL Spring Cup between Grr !! and Screwnanas. You can see this final at 8:30pm on this French Stream :  Link Stream

Thanks to YoshiYo of god team to broadcast this Final !!
GL HF for two teams !!

 er 5 playdays that took place on April, we know now the composition of the 3 trees of this ESL spirng cup 2001. So here we are, things are going to be serious now, and these playoffs will show us some great games.
So firsts games are starting this wednesday with 12 games on direct elimination trees. So teams will have to give perfect skills to not be kicked out from this competition.


The 2 best teams of each groups have been qualified to this tree. So here are the best teams of the 24 that have registered.
Quarts de Finale Demies Finale Finale
-TnT .
-TWE .

. .

. .
-AIR . .
-Grr!! . .


-IR: . .
-UMF . .

. .

. .
-sek .
-(((-Sd .

The game we canot miss will be TnT versus TWE, as we all know the TnT skills, but the TWE one is maybe less known by the community, whyle they made awesome playoffs, and beated some great teams like paf really easely. So let's see what they will do against the TMUF dream team!

match sheet : here!


Quarts de Finale Demies Finale Finale
-Zero .
-Aliens .

. .

. .
-hal.ko . .
-paf . .


-Dac-SP . .
-Ord . .

. .

. .
-hellas team
-GSR .

The game we won't miss will be hal.ko vs paf. 2 teams that used to be some great one but did not show their real potential during Groupstages. Let's see what they decided to do during these Playoffs! But it will be surely a great meeting.

match sheet : here!


Here is the tree of the lasts temas of each Groups. So we can call it the "fun" group, even if there will be here some great games too, but with a little less skill than the others. But these 7 teams will never give up and just show their best skill to win this tree.
Quarts de Finale Demies Finale Finale
-rev .
- .

. .

. .
-PLOW . .
-BlaGK . .


-MYM . .
-Ltu . .

. .

. .
-Xtd .
-sek2 .

ESL Spring Cup 2011 page :
ESL Spring Cup 2011 Playoffs :
ESL Spring Cup 2011 Amateur :
ESL Spring Cups Consolation :

The first Mappack of the ESL Open is now available here! So check it out and start nolifing on it!

After several months without competition on the ESL, Trackmania United comes back with a new team cup called "ESL Open". They chose the pause between UL and LE from ET generation to create this cup that will be like the past Opening Cup.
Indeed, this cup wich took place last summer, gathered more than 30 teams in a new game structure with different submatches like 1on1, 2on2, 3on3 and 5on5.
Despite some problems, this cup was a success and every team agreed about the "good feeling" of this cup.

Rules :

You can check all the rules in the ESL Trackmania United Forever section by reading the news here.
So the cup will divide in 2 parts, a groupStages one, where all teams will be divided in pools and fight eachother, and a second Playoffs part where every team will fight on a single elimination tree, and depending to their GroupStages results, they will fight on Playoffs Pro tree or Amateur tree.

Every match will be divided in 5 submatches where you will have to play a 1on1, 2on2, 3on3 and 5on5, so be sure that all your team is ready for this!

MapPack :

There will be 1 mappack of 7 maps for the GroupStages and another for the Playoffs. It will be soon avalaible, during next week, so check the ESL website out!

To conclude

So let's have a look on the rules to know exactly what this cup is, and try to beat the past winners of the cup : [UMF] team.

ESL Open page :
ESL Open news :

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