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Announced on June the 4th, the ESL Dirty Night Cup #6 was the last ESL Beta-Cup on Trackmania² Stadium. It got ready for the 32 players on June 23rd.

A success !

67 players were register on the ESL website, and after the check-in at 19H30, the 32 faster was selectioned. With the TM2S recent release, ESL admins were surprised to see so much people in this DNC.

During all the evening, we have seen many known and skilled players, in certain cases, not players that we're used to see in DNC cause from a cup to an other, the day changes to satisfy players at the maximum. Rules are always the sames and make the peculiarity of this cup compared with Tech and Speed cups. Here, players drive on 1vs1vs1vs1 from the beginning to the end of the cup.

Podium :

After 3 big hours of wars, It's fr Splash from team Addict who won ahead fr Manunl Fool and fr Puma.

[FR] VOD by TmLive :

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