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ESL organzed a nightcup 3on3 last week. And eu.png nope (de.png g00x - pl.png nugget - fr.png wells) created a little surprise with its victory ! Indeed, after a defeat in WB Final, they took their revenge in Grand Final against eu.png abs (fr.png Artishow - at.png Assy - se.png Frostbeule) and won 2-0. A team 100% german, de.png edited (de.png BlackPhoenix - de.png Devil - de.png gaLLo), finished third.

  • de.png g00x - pl.png nugget - fr.png wells
  • fr.png Artishow - at.png Assy - se.png Frostbeule
  • de.png BlackPhoenix - de.png Devil - de.png gaLLo

We went to meet fr.png Wells, YYT player and winner of this ESL Nightcup 3on3, to learn more about him and its ambitions.

TM-Actu : Hello wells. First of all, can you introduce yourself ?
wells : Hi Boubi ! Well my name is Nicolas, i'm 17 and I play for team YYT

Since few months, your status has changed to a french promosing player being part of one of the best world teams. How do you explain and do you live this ?
At first I would like to thank the team where everything began for me at the competition level: 0xygen. I learnt a lot by playing in team or solo and it helped me to improve my driving. Regarding my change of team, YoYoTech made me a proposal because they were short of players for EMS and I'm very happy to join them

You won (with g00x and nugget) ESL Nightcup 3on3 last week. Did you expected this or it's really a good surprise ?
I did not expect to win, I was hoping for a decent result but I mainly participated to test my consistency on the maps. So it's a good surprise and I want to congratulate g00x and nugget who both played very well.

What are your ambitions now and do you intend to participate in such offline events soon?
First of all I hope to continue to grow and do well online, both team and solo. I think I'll attend to some LANs in France next year, it will depend of my free time.

Thanks a lot for this interview wells. I let you conclude.
Thanks yo you Boubi' ! Cheers to team 0xygen <3 and team p.r.o aswell :P and of course gogo YYT!

source : ESL

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