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The best world Dirt drivers met them on Sunday, May 26th, 2013 to fight against the endurance! The organisators, be Infinity Jack et be Vod'R Hack, wished propose a shortless, more competitive, and solo Dirt endurance on Trackmania² Stadium !

About the race :

4 Hours, It's the number of hours during the drivers spent their time to drive on map of  Chuck, "Mindanao", a track of 2 minutes and 30 seconds in launched lap. fr Manu does an amazing dedi 1, in 2'27''69, one second ahead the dedi 2 ! 70 participants took the start, and only 30 have finished the race, a race so close until the last second. In fact only 4 checkpoints have separated the 2nd, 3rd and 4th at the end of the tournament. Players were distributed on three servers, according to their level - many pilots cracked under tournament pressure, in spite of 9 minutes of break.

The race was led from the beginning to the end by an incredible Manu, regular and effective, on a track so technical. The race for the podium was so close too: hu Ember second during the whole race, fr Devil and se Duffarn had back up him during the last 30 minutes, a hard kick for the hungrian driver. We can also point out the combativeness of server's 2 and 3 drivers, who held to the end and gave everything they got.

For the good progress of this cup, a plugin was coded by fr JTT Maverick for the pilots, they were able to see in live their number of CP crossed, it's a good technical advance. The second novelty was the rewards in cashprize and not in virtual money.

General Ranking (Top 20) :

1. gold fr 'ηψт' Manu.pro! - 2682 CP (Gold Tag + 25€)
2. silver fr U|God. dèdé. - 2674 CP (Silver Tag + 15€)
3. bronze se »Ðøड« DuffarN - 2671 CP (Bronze Tag + 10€)
4. hu oZone.ємвєя - 2670 CP
5. se 'ηψт' Gswe81 - 2656 CP
6. fr λddict.Koulis ! - 2645 CP
7. fr αст» Chuck - 2628 CP
8. no нот ///Adrinatoren - 2613 CP
9. fr тαғ» Ben'j - 2605 CP
10. dk 'ΛτŘ' Arpe - 2601 CP
11. fr «τмғ-τ» Papou - 2595 CP
12. fr «τмғ» Poker - 2590 CP
13. at 'ηψт' ruepel - 2569 CP
14. fr λddict.Strιιk* - 2560 CP
15. fr ιиғιиιтч Càrl.CJ - 2532 CP
16. fr ЯC ßĩÑΏŭŽ44 - 2526 CP
17. fr मקм» Blคκy - 2512 CP
18. pt Ѕŋр.Magic - 2506 CP
19. pt Ѕŋр.Tal - 2497 CP
20. fr ЛĄÐ patafond - 2494 CP

End of the 4H Endurance [FR] :


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