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*Update* More information about this event has now been spilled with updated schedules among other things. You'll find all that information and also a list of players that will be attending by clicking this link.


District Prague - an eSports club located in Prague, Czech Republic will this summer be hosting a TrackMania² Stadium tournament named Race4Prague that's also open for international players and that got some pretty good prizes added to it.

Quick information

  • Date: 20-21 July
  • Mode: 1vs1 Single Elimination
  • Format: Group-stage + playoffs
  • Players: Up to 60


  1. 500€
  2. 300€
  3. 200€

All that's needed to participate (besides showing up) is that you need to pay an entrance fee of 40€ / person. Deadline for it is set to 5th July.

For information on how to pay that fee plus some additional stuff, go here. And information about transport to the event as well as nearby hotels can be found here.

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