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The second edition of the Unlimited Dirt Tournament ended Sunday, May 12th after 2 months of competition! Remember, the first edition was won by team fr Vod'R, ahead of europeanunion NWT and europeanunion ATR. This year Vod'R weren't here, the first place was going to be so competed!

It was europeanunion NWT which launched the battle by ending the qualifications on the first place, fr ACTAF*1 accusing a delay of more than one second, the 2nd, and europeanunion ATR completes the podium. These qualifications were used to cut the 48 teams in two brackets of 24 teams. The 24 betters in the first bracket, and the 24 lasts in the second bracket.

Despite their status of seeded players, several teams began their pool's phase with a hard group like fr Addict.Revo which faced fr SAW and europeanunion DOS in Pool E or fr SPAM with de Dore²Cuo and se HOT in Pool D. No surprise after 3 weeks of group phase, the 8 seeded teams finished first of their group. At the end of group's phase, teams which finished third of their pools went in loser bracket.

During play-offs, the show was there with good fights like Ozone vs NWT1 - Acorn vs ATR - Addict.Revo vs Spam or ACTAF1 vs TMF. Both semi-finals were so closed, the first one with NWT1 and Addict.Revo ended on the score of 19 to 18, and the second one, Acorn' against TMF, ended on the score of 16 to 14. A very beautiful war was announced for the finale, a team that we see almost systematically in competitions final phases, and a team just created few months ago with many skilled players!

Finale gave us all we hoped, in spite of the unavailability of a NWT player on the last map, which has a little disturbed both teams at this moment. A hard fight tooks place during the 1v1 (won by NWT 7-6) as well as during the 3v3 (won by NWT 7-5). In spite of these three points beforehand, impossible to give a winner before the 5v5, so much the level on both sides was high! The 5v5 was won 7-3 by Team Acorn '. Final score : 18-17 for europeanunion Acorn', a team which we didn't waited so far! A perfect tournament and a deserved victory for this team which we hope to see soon in tournaments!




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