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Update 23/03 : eu.png Rage-eSport finally changed one player; the german talent de.png Dev!l take the spot of ee.png jallu because of his inactivity.


Before EMS, let's take a look on the last moves...

YoYotech, the best recruitment

The most active team of this last weeks is nothing else than the british team winner of the ESL Premiership 5. After the leaving of some players like sk.png Hakki Junior, br.png Vini, pt.png DVD or pt.png Jalles and recently uk.png Sabre we could expect it. And we can't say that they really lost in the change, because we can see 2 greats french players coming in with the well known player from ubitox gf.png Kactus and with great potential french player gf.png wells. And to conclude, they found an agreement with one of the best actual player in the world nl.png Tamarillo. So we can say that the duo with se.png Frostbeule can already afraid some teams... Warning, uk.png YoYotech is ready!

MythiX, trust in the potential

Unfortunate finalist of the last STC had to work aswell after some contingency. The 2 russians ru.png ArguSru.png Scoob won't play EMS as gf.png Serty and nl.png Micro, the team had to react and they finalized po.png nothing in the team to reform the great tandem withpo.png  nugget. And recently, the team anounced the arrival of promising italian player it.png Remix, from uk.png Infused who will try to show all his skill to his new team.

n!faculty, the renaissance?

We thought that de.png n!faculty was dead, but the german team 3 times winner of the 'ESL Premiership will be still there. And we can see that the team is totally new because only de.png oNio and de.png Darkbringer are from the last team.. The team is strengthened by the experienced de.png bazz and trust in new potentials like de.png dNsde.png robin, de.png zeequenZ and tr.png roMa. But the most important move to notice in the team is the tandem from cz.png eSuba finaliste of the last redbyte who will try to help them with sk.png Hakki Junior and sk.png tween. The team seems ready to disturb the tenors!

G@MED.DE, strengthening the foundations

The team third of the last ESL premiership seemed to be at an end after a bad STC. But the team seems to be ready to forge ahead because after the arrival of the talented de.png Sky, the team welcomes 3 new players with the 2 old de.png n!faculty de.png pokeY and de.png kigo but also with de.png dauli. All this in addition of the superduo de.png Olf/de.png blackphoenix, we can be sure that they can do at least aswell than the last season!

pn|dark, the internationalization

The talentued portuguese team, who welcomes back his prodigy pt.png jalles can be happy to welcomes aswell 3 players from differents countries with the promising cz.png horeni, but also with the really fast player se.png pucko and with the german player de.png suke who will help pt.png tiago always on top. The team should be a good team during this EMS season if the motivation is here.

Advanced, the take-off?

If the team was already really seductive during the STC with players like pt.png Kuduropt.png akira and mainly pt.png Rewind, she disapointed during the competition. To remedy this, the great brazilian player br.png Vini will bring all his talent and his experience. And an other surprising reinforcement because it's de.png Valium from de.png mTw who will complete a great line up.

The rest...

As we expected, uk.png Dignitas and eu.png RAGE stayed silent during the last weeks.

gf.png Ubitox, winner of the last STC, won't play EMS. Most of the motivates players like gf.png Cannagf.png  Ramiro Jrgf.png Sl3vin or gf.png Papou will help gf.png Xp!ozion in second league.

eu.png Inf-delta shows a great line up for EMS as hu.png peti93 and hu.png Clown joined them to play with their hungary captain hu.png Salvatore.

fi.png UMFsee the comeback of the old it.png Inferno fi.png Lohke who will help them to try to stay in the EMS.

Like fi.png UMF, no.png Lions BB recovers the last uk.png dignitas no.png Viper who will boost a team weakened by departures.

An old team reborn as se.png Replica is reformed with players like the old gf.png 402 gf.png JulChep or po.png bob.

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